Art Poskanzer

Distinguished Senior Scientist Emeritus

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Berkeley, CA 94720
AMPoskanzer (at) iCloud (dot) com

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Oral History

Bonner Prize in Nuclear Physics


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General Talks:

Retirement Symposium .html 30 May 01
Retirement Symposium talk .ppt 30 May 01
The Berkeley School .ppt 19 May 05
Al Ghiorso's 90th Birthday .ppt 15 July 05
Wladeck Swiatecki's 80th Birthday .ppt 17 June 06
China Colloquium .ppt 12 Nov 06
India talk .ppt 28 Jan 08
Bonner Award talk .ppt 14 Apr 08
Miklos Gyulassy's 60th Birthday .ppt 27 Mar 09
The Berkeley School for Reinhard Stock .ppt 7 June 10
Centennial of the Birth of Glenn Seaborg and Charles Coryell .ppt 19 Aug 12
Symposium for Hans-Georg Ritter .pptx 15 Mar 13
Sergei Voloshin's 60th Birthday .pptx 16 Nov 13