Marcus Family Tree

Ethel Marcus Shapiro (1867-1941) and her children: Dovid Shlomo (standing); Eliahu (Eli) (seated left); Tzvi-Hirsh (Harry) (right); Chaya-Sarah (front).

Ethel, her son Dovid Shlomo, his wife Tsila and their daughters Rochel and Berta died in the Holocaust in Butrimantz (Butrimonys), Lithuania in 1941. Eliahu, his wife Hinda and their infant son Boris survived the Holocaust by escaping to Russia, but Eliahu drowned accidentally in 1951 while on a family holiday. Tzvi-Hirsh (Harry Spiro) emigrated from Lithuania in 1923, staying in Havana, Cuba, for five years before entering the US. His story is told in the book "A Thosuand Threads". Chaya-Sarah and her husband, Joseph Poritz, immigrated to Cape Town, South Africa, in early 1930. (Photo c. 1912, Butrimonys)

Ethel's sister Rachel married into the Poskanzer family.

Ethel's sister Chava/Eva had a great-granddaughter Rachel who was rescued by a Christian couple who became "Righteous Among the Nations".

Olga Zabludoff acknowledges help from many people including Saul Halpert and his son Jim; Stuart Halpert; Pearl Ostroff and daughters Naomi Charnov and Elka Banon; Art Poskanzer; Lionel Spiro; Bob and Leah Rukeyser; Boris Shapiro; Dov and Polina Yafit; Rochel Varejes and her daughter Rina; and Annie Friedman.

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